Friday, February 19, 2010

and FOUND!

what a relief! I felt so silly now, this whole time my precious ring was tucked under a stuffed animal's belly(one of Kelly's toys) on my desk, and I moved it several times but didn't see it. I'd turned my house inside out, dug out all the closets and drawers and searched every pocket and handbags and pulled out my mattress and moved my bed! and it was on my desk!
It was just a ring one can say, but when I wore it for over a year almost every single day, it is not just a ring anymore, sort of become an essential part of me.  A handmade silver ring with some kind of quartz is so inexpensive compare to one made of gold and diamond, but I guess there are things even money can't buy, appreciations and attachment I suppose? What a lucky day this has been!

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  1. Such beautiful pictures, and glad you found your ring.. it looks really unique:)


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