Wednesday, May 12, 2010

      Last night was one of those nights that after I finish my evening class at 9:30 pm there was still a long to-do list left undone on my calendar. So I decided to get some dinner-breakfast at Denny's and work my way down the list and finish some homework. There's sometimes a college student or two that bring their books to the table trying to pull an all nighter, especially when it's final time, and I almost always see a lonely old man sitting in the restaurant having some late dinner, then just sits there for quite sometimes in idleness before they leave. I wonder if they have anyone to go home to? A family member? A dog? The waiters in graveyard shifts are always the same, and they remember me by my face, and usually would chat up to me and ask how I had been, whether I was studying late again, and things like that. I bet they were curious about what I do. This time around I said I wasn't going to stay up late and I'd been busy.
     After some generic chicken strips and a few homework exercises later I left for home, the city was fast asleep, houses and buildings all looked somewhat old and crummy at this hour of night, and I felt like I was the only girl in the city who was still up and driving around.

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