Wednesday, June 23, 2010

trying to stay on top of it all...

is much easier said than done. A few nights ago a loud noise woke me up from deep sleep. It scared my dog so much that she immediately went into hiding and I went right back to sleep figuring it was just another earthquake. The next morning I woke up, realizing that it was way worse than an earthquake, it was the pole holding my entire wardrobe, and it had collapsed, taking down all my clothes with it.  That was Saturday, and as of now I still haven't figure out a way to put things back in order, my retarded brain can't process any unexpected incidences, not if my life depended on it, or if the roof fell off the ceiling. Today in between going to school and work and taking a sick dog to the vet, feeding her medication and apply some kind of cream, yes, Kelly got a skin infection, I still haven't found time to exercise, or practice the piano, or fix my pole, or change those two tires on my car that's long past its due so I don't burn and die on the freeway because my tire blew out, so, I'd better get on that. So happy Wednesday everyone, I hope yours is at least better than mine.

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