Monday, July 5, 2010

love was in the air last night!

July 4th is a big holiday here in the U.S., but believe or not I had never celebrated it before, no parties, no fire works and no BBQs.  This year boyfriend made a point to take me to see the fireworks, so we got tickets at a local high school that had firework shows and stuffed ourselves full with hot dogs and hamburgers before the show started. I forgot my camera as usual so I snatched some pictures with his iphone, and would you believe it, this picture came out with a heart! I had so much fun watching the fireworks, it reminded me of the Chinese New Year when people were out at night for fireworks and firecrackers and the next day entire streets were covered in firework wrappers. 

Other than that my weekend consisted of so much ups and downs.  On Friday I lost a piano student, a girl that I had poured so much effort on and taught from nothing to 7 months later a level 2 student going on level 3.  We were two weeks shy of playing her first student recital and I had prepared four pieces for her to play including two duets.  It took all but a couple of criticisms about not practicing enough and that was enough for the parents to jump off the couch and quit right on the spot and yanked her out of the recital when we were a nose away from being ready.  In all my years of teaching piano, I had perhaps experienced only one other set of similar parents but it discouraged me no less, and it got me into thinking what really is the best, being honest, do what you think is right, or simply make the lesson easy and entertaining and keep your clients happy? 

Boyfriend and I had also spent the entire Sunday in search of a apartment for me. We drove around the neighborhoods and searched online, talked to landlords, looked at places, it was so much work but so much fun at the same time.  I had contemplated of moving to a new place for a very long time but money constrains have always prevented me from doing it. Now that I'm looking, I simply feel that a new life is looking right at me, one that I have always wanted and the temptation is almost entirely irresistible...

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