Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'd been wearing these tasseled loafers  all day long, and only at the end of day I noticed that there's really just one tassel left, the other was no where to be found. Well, it doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out who was guilty, the only person in the house who loves chewing on shoes is Bobby!
My father half joked the other day that he was going to make a stew out of Bobby because he's such a troublesome dog, and I immediately said that I'd jump off a building if he ate my dog, but after Bobby ate my second pair of shoes within a month, I think I'm having some second thoughts on that...
Why do I love my dogs so much? Sometimes I don't quite understand it myself. I never had a doll phase like a lot of girls when they were young, I found dolls very boring because they can do very little if next to nothing, but when Kelly came to my home, I almost couldn't believe what a smart and sensitive little dog she is, and people actually get to keep these magical little creatures to themselves.  I have to admit that she wasn't the beautiful white fluffy dog that I'd always dreamed about, but soon I realized that she is better than a picture perfect pet, she's actually the best little dog in the world and I immediately fell in love with her.  It was so nice to come home and being greeted by someone that jumps, twirls around and give you kisses, and my home always feel so cozy when I have these cute little friends around. So there it is, in a nut shell, because the mess I can clean up, torn up clothes can be replaced, and shoes, well, I have enough shoes, but with how much love I received from my puppies, I just don't really care what trouble or mess they make.

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