A trip to the Getty, it's been so long since my last visit!

I've done a lot of reminiscence since my father got here. It surprised even myself that I had so little resemblemce with both of my parents that I felt on occasion a mild confusion as to whom are those perfect strangers that all of a sudden stumbled into my life for the last week or so. My father had always been an obsecure figure in my life, he was gone working for most of the year when I was a child and I always remembered growing a big chunk when he got back. Then when my mother left for the States I was home mostly with different house keepers who also subbed for nannies, until when I was 15 years old and decided that I wanted to study music in Beijing. Two years later I came here, completely out of the blue and I was in the middle of preparing an audition for entrance to a music conservatory. High school in the US was again a boarding school where I lived with a group of kids my age so I got to see my mother about once a week. I'd say these boarding school years were the closest I've had to having siblings because I was a only child and never had sisters or brothers to play with. Since then I've seen my father for about a total of four weeks in eleven years plus the occasional phone calls about a few times a year.

Now I'm adjusting to the strange idea of having ready before the elderlys rise a full blown breakfast every morning with several dishes starting at 6:50 in the morning, cleaning up the dishes for everybody else at the table when we are done eatting, putting aside my life including school and work to be a tourist guide and being taught a new doctrine about the meaning of my life is to 1. serve your man and your parents, 2. produce offspring, and 3. make money.
I can only smile at that and thank god in the bottom of my heart that I beg to differ.


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