Friday, October 29, 2010

With winter approaching, I am digging out all of my knitting gears again. For about three to four months in a year I really get into the mood of knitting, I would finish a scarf or two, and start a ambitious plan along the way to knit a thousand projects and then drop everything suddenly when summer rolls around and I never even want to look at a knitting needle again.
So, here are my unfinished knitting projects from last winter, a wool scarf that I promised my boyfriend, a granny square blanket, a coral cardigan for me, a pull over sweater for boyfriend, a neck warmer for me, and last but not the least, the blue glove for my left hand. Last year my boyfriend joked that he would have his scarf by next year, well, kid me not! Next year is already here and the scarf is still not delivered :/

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