Thursday, November 25, 2010

For our last Thanks Giving, I spent almost three days reading menus and grocery shopping to prepare a made from scratch Thanks Giving dinner, including thawing and cooking a real turkey and homemade gravy! I ended up cooking with my boyfriend the entire day, by the evening we finally sat down and ate our rather delicious first time homemade Thanks Giving dinner, only just the two of us had to finish an entire table of food. This year we got smarter and ordered from Whole Foods, it was a splendid idea, I must had just spent 15 minutes in the kitchen and the food was pretty good! We bought wine and Gruyere on the side too and cut up the cheese in small pieces and gave a little to Kelly and Bobby, they also got a very long walk during the day to the park, and boiled chicken for Thanks Giving dinner.
I'm really thankful for spending the holiday with my family and boyfriend, and that life has been good to us and blessed us with happiness and health. Kelly and Bobby are not the talkative type but I'm guessing that they were thankful for all the long walk and cheese and chicken that they got today, and hoped there will be more of it in the future.

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