Tuesday, November 30, 2010

        This morning I sent off my father from LAX and I still can't believe a month and half just flew by so quickly. I never thought I would say this but I think I'm really going to miss him now that he's back to China. It was really nice to show him around where I live, he got to see my piano studio, met Bobby and Kelly, visited shops in the neighborhood and met my boyfriend, also tried American cuisine, which to my surprise he actually really liked some of them. I learned to make beds in the morning, and to clean the house, sort of. The first week after he got here I dug out my electronic dictionary, ever since then he's learned the alphabets and several English words and simple sentences, he also memorized a lot of the local streets and directions!  I'm surprised at how quickly he adopts to new environments as I was warned by many people that parents often are not used to the American life style.
       I'm also going to miss having sitting down dinners and breakfasts, if I have anything to say about that, I learned a lot more about my father while talking to him over dinner than I did all these years over the telephone. I might go back to my coffee and muffin life soon but at least I'm going to try and cook more often at home from now on:)

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