Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I had a short trip to St. Louis to meet my boyfriend's family for early Christmas celebration, since I do not have a extensive family here in the U.S., it was quite fun to be in big family parties. It was also my first time ever to be in the Mid West, it's definitely a lot different than Southern California.  I looked at the flocks of birds flying on the sky and dogs that got to run around free in the farm, cute houses spread far apart, trees everywhere, snowflakes in the morning, and dreamed about living here. Sure I could be a piano teacher there again and make a living! But as soon as I got off the airport I realized that I was thrilled to be home. Chinese food for dinner tonight, and tomorrow I'm going to my favorite coffee shop for a latte and maybe some catch up with piano practice and chat with friends. yum!

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