Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last night I finished my exam, all this time of whining and complaining about having to read and study, but now that's it's done I'm going to really miss all of it. Learning African dance,  playing with curious instruments all over the world, talking about Chinese music, interviewing musicians and writing about Indian music was not easy, but what an experience!
Sometimes a seemingly incredibly dull and boring read can open up a entirely different perspective. Indian music for example, the discovery of it for me was like a person who had spent her life on land had all of a sudden discovered the ocean, and wondered what was beneath it and what was on the other end. It's moments like these that continue to make life interesting, it makes one hopeful to know that there are more discoveries and realizations in life than what simply meets the eye.


  1. Hi Anna,
    Wow, that sounds like such a cool class! I like Indian music too (I mean, the traditional one, at least) and Chinese music (traditional too, but I am sure the term "traditional" is much too broad to know what the hello kitty I am talking about, hahah). I really enjoy your blog, Anna, and I especially love this beauitiful photo of a delicious cup of tea. Might I ask what kind of tea this was? :)

    I hope to continue working on my blog too but I really don't like typing on desktops. What a brat, no? lol

  2. Hi Vivian, get a laptop already, hehe! I learned so much about Indian music from this class because it was the topic of my research paper, I had to go out and interview people too and it was fun and scary at the same time. Did you know that Hindustani ragas must be played at specific time of the day? There's morning music and evening music like we have breakfast and dinner! How cool is that!



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