Remember that I have a second dog, and his name is Bobby? I believe I wrote very little about him, but he has plenty of stories to tell! Before I got him from the shelter, somehow I thought all types of dogs are well behaved like Kelly, who politely waits by the doorstep while her chicken is being prepared twice a day, is house trained, grooms herself like a cat, despise physical activity and only eat kibble to please my boyfriend and jumps over any kind of dirty things we come across during a walk, Bobby is almost the exact opposite. He is energetic, adventurous, jump like a black bunny (especially with his ears flapping in the air) has a good appetite for any kind of food, likes to play fetch, and tear up the house behind my back. He also LOVE to explore the neighborhood and steal treats whenever he can and leave a trail of crime scenes behind, which HE THOUGHT I WOULD NEVER FIND OUT IF I WASN'T WATCHING. One time I heard rambling noise coming from my bedroom from my piano studio, when I rushed in, Bobby was standing on top of my desk, rummaging through a pile of delicate perfume bottles.

Today after running around the world trying to get things done, I came home around noon to a very warm and sunny winter day, I thought this was perfect weather for a dog walk, and so the three of us went for a walk in the neighborhood. Right after we got back home, I had to pick up a phone call and at the same second Bobby ran out of the house. He would from time to times run out and make a tour of the next house or two, say hi to the bull dog across the street, sometimes taking Kelly with him, but always come back to my call. This time was different, by the time I got on my shoes and ran out of the door to look for him, he was nowhere to be found! I had a bad feeling and jumped in my car and started driving up and down the street, I asked a gardener who was working near by if he had seen a little black dog and he pointed to a big street near by and said, "yeah, he went that way!" About two block away from my house is a big street with some pretty serious traffic, I started driving up and down on that street, no Bobby, live or dead, then I started combing through the smaller roads along the bigger street, still nothing, after about 30 minutes of search I began to feel the blood rushing upward to my head, I knew I shouldn't have spanked him after he chewed up my Rayban glasses yesterday, he must have felt that I was an evil witch and left home! I also had students coming very soon for their piano lessons, had to finish a school assignment, read text book and driving out in the evening... just as I thought he was gone for good and started driving back home, I suddenly saw a fast running little dog far ahead of me racing full speed towards my house, it was a pretty sight, the sky was very blue, the sun was very warm, and all the trees had turned red and OMG I FOUND MY DOG!

This time there was no spanking, I was just way too happy to see him! I sped up to catch up with him and called him to jump in the car and then we went home. It was a happy ending at last!


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