Friday, December 10, 2010

       We are having some pretty fantastic weather here, and hallelujah I finished my paper, at least the big writing chunk of it.  Now all that's left to do is the final, and then my recital, and then I will finally be properly clothed as a civilized monkey with a college degree.
        After all these days of absolute dreadfulness I decided to stuff myself with a lot of food, and took Kelly and Bobby with me for the ride.  They got to eat chips and left over beef from my plate, and we took a long walk near the restaurant. Bobby is generally a trusting dog, except when it comes to car rides or going into unknown buildings such as the pet store or the vet, he would cling to the tile floor with his claws and refuse to go inside. I thought he slightly suspect that I was going to drop him off to the pound, after all he has chewed enough expensive handbags and shoes for me to kill him, but how would you feel if you were left to die in the cold just because you couldn't resisted the urge to chew a pair of glasses or a bag? It's not like the thought never entered my mind, but I thought about it a few times and decided that I like him too much to let him go. Had I dropped him off at a animal shelter, I'd sure be on my way to pick him up a couple hours later. When I got him from the animal shelter I wanted to give a little dog some fresh air and sunshine on his back, now with some effort we are doing just that, so I think it's really worth it.

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