Friday, February 25, 2011

More kitchen ideas. I think I'm partial to white when it comes to wall colors and cabinets, and leave the colors to the other objects like chairs and lamp shades. This kitchen is really close to what I like, I want the exact tiles and love that deliciously white viking stove. My new place has a beautiful vintage stove, I loved it at first, but those older models has a terribly small oven, I will never fit a turkey in there, or a roast, it's a big bummer for someone who loves to cook! Kitchen is probably the area in a house that I'm most interested in, I want one that's beautiful, functional, a place that I can smash the pots and pans and not afraid of breaking anything, and most importantly, it has to be easy to clean.

My fiance and I both wanted a small library, I think build-in book shelves are a great idea, it's probably the best way to fit in most books and make the most out of your wall spaces too.
See what I mean about colorful fabrics and furniture and white background? I think it will be great!

And finally, how about a pink and lace themed attic??
Image source: design sponge

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