Thursday, March 17, 2011


My fiance and I have been stuck in the middle of a stressful home buying process for quite sometime, at last, on Wednesday we signed off the last stack of paper work early in the morning with the escrow company. Neither of us had any idea what the heck we were doing, so we read through every single line carefully and asked a bunch of stupid questions while the escrow agent shook her head because of our stupidity. We celebrated the occasion with a big breakfast, my fiance had to ran back to work right after, while I had to go and get a dress for my up coming recital. We both have been super busy lately, there's almost no time to really think about what is happening with us becoming a new couple and the move, the new house, the repairs, the renovations, the furniture, my kitchen color scheme!!! We haven't got to none of that, or have any time to indulge in the joy of becoming new home owners. Remember I said March was going to be tough? Well, not for too much longer I hope.  Tomorrow is Friday and the news said that's when the radiation plume will arrive Southern California. I have been indulging in this piece of bad news constantly and searched all day for iodine tablets even though everyone else around me are perfectly calm. I'm confining Kelly and Bobby to inside the house and making as few trips outdoors as possible, the doggies seem real miserable to stay at home though, I hope everything will turn out ok!

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