Saturday, April 2, 2011

I can't believe it's Saturday, where did time go? We've been on a very tight schedule this week with the move. On Wednesday morning the previous owner of our house handed us the keys. The whole house had been cleared out, and the old owners parked a huge motor home in front of our house with their belongings and three dogs inside. I saw the big husky sat inside the motor home like he's guarding his new home, kind of felt bad for him now that he doesn't have a backyard to play around in. Inside the house there was a box of documents with referrals to the painter, woodworker, and even a magazine which our house was featured in back in the 90's. There was fresh camellia left on the kitchen counter and new salt sprinkled on the roses in the garden. Throughout the day as I looked in and out of the house I saw beautiful potted plants, watering pots and little stuff that she left for us, and I didn't really even get a chance to thank her for all that. As I saw them took off I felt a little nostalgic, but then there was not too much time left for that.  The cleaning crew came in that morning and gave the house a deep cleaning and I had to head right away back to my fiance's place to help him pack. We worked til we were about to dropped dead and got everything ready for the movers the next morning. Between then and now, all of Jeff's stuff were moved to the new place, we got some more furniture and appliances and set up the internet and cable service. The place is filled with boxes right now and some areas need to be worked on, it hasn't feel like home yet and probably won't for a short while, but we are working on it!

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