Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The last couple of weeks for some reason my computer and camera never happen to end up in the same place, hence there's not much posts or pictures because I haven't got the gears! We did managed to get a 51' tv into the house. After reading various sources warning about not buying a tv that's too big for your house, I decided to be good and got the 43', my fiance and I stuffed it in the back seat and drove home nervously the entire time afraid that the plasma screen might crack if there's a pot hole on the ground. After a lot of trouble we set it in the family room and it looked about the size of a shoe box from where the sofa is. So the first one had to go back. By the time we got our second tv we've pretty much made friends with every sales man at Best Buy and they probably got really tired of seeing us. The 51' replacement looked like a monster with the box on and there was no way we could have fitted that in the car, Jeff's smart light bulb went off then and decided that we take off the package and load it in his backseat, and that actually worked just perfect. So now we have a plasma tv, neither of us had owned a newer tv before, we both had big clunker TVs and mine just sat in the corner of my room unplugged. I've spent the last few nights catching up on my favorite shows, i.e. Seinfield, but I still haven't saw the Simpsons yet, by the time I saw a story on the Animal Planet channel about a man who had to eat his dog to survive in the wild, I immediately turned it off. I didn't know being grossed out was part of the package, interested in dog eaters? No thank you!

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