Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A story of dress hunting...

Did you know that it takes somewhere between 4-8 months to order a wedding dress? When I casually waltzed into a bridal shop in Costa Mesa yesterday and told them that my wedding is happening in a couple of months, the receptionist nearly screamed.  I was on my way to a furniture store and thought it might be fun to stop by to see wedding gowns, but right then I realized that the situation was perhaps more serious than I had thought.  Hence all other plans were put off, I had to aggressively look for a wedding dress for the past two days. I pretty much listed all the bridal shops in the neighborhood and raided them one by one down the list. I went through a lot of tough skin haggling with the sales associates at various stores, and all I can say is I almost got tricked into buying a Vera Wang dress that could easily sell me into slavery for the rest of my life. As of this moment, nearly 9pm at night, the deal was done. I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine because I have a potential dress in the making and supposedly some dress makers in New York are going to stay up for a few nights til the morning rush to make things happen. It sounded extremely painful but lucky for me I could finally sleep well tonight!

So how did it feel to try on wedding gowns for the first time of my life? Definitely more amazing than I thought. I always imagine it would be dreadful to try on bridal dresses, but it was not true. Some of the dresses were just down right amazing. Now I can see how a pretty dress could easily sprout into a pretty banquet hall, a pretty set up for everything and why wedding costs could easily go over the roof all the while you thought you just wanted a simple plain wedding and be with the person you love. It was definitely a experience though, while I never thought I wanted a big wedding, I've always wanted a beautiful dress. When I had the dress on in front of the big three sided mirrors, I thought I could be plucked up and put on top of a cake, it was a nice thing to remember. I will bet one day when I'm 80, I will have plenty of time to look back and think how cute and funny this moment must have been!

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