Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The first day Bobby got to my new house, everyone was taking a house tour and I turned around and saw him outside exploring the backyard. I asked Jeff, "so did you let him out?" Apparently nobody did, he just jumped out from the window and right away fell into the backyard. Kelly thinks he's crazy in general. Sometimes she tries to teach him how to behave, but the fact that she's smaller than him doesn't really help things! Bobby and Kelly are staying with my mom this week. So he's most recent mischief? Catching a real bird while being walked by my mom. She said the little bird panicked and screamed but luckily she was able to pull it out from Bobby's paw to let it flew away! Imagine Bobby's disappointment! I laughed so hard when I heard it, my little silly dog!


  1. I can't believe he caught a bird! hehe! I'm glad he didn't get out of your backyard though - One of our cats tried to escape our inlaws house this last week too - it must be something about the summery weather that makes them want to break free.

  2. oh believe me, he used to get out all the time at my old house, visit the neighborhood and come back after maybe half an hour. Some pets are just great adventurers!



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