Monday, July 18, 2011

I had a busy weekend hosting a party and going to the OC Fair with some of my husband's college friends who were in town this weekend. I'm not a carnival type of person, but while we were at the fair, we found a quiet booth selling Indian jewelry so my husband helped me picked out this little silver ring. I loved it so much, I even slept with it on last night!

For the party meal I went to the extreme opposite side of vegan and cooked braised beef, fish fillet, and offered cheese as one of the finger foods for my guests. Part of me was afraid that all vegan meal would not be well received among guests. So here is a question for all the vegan wanna be out there, what do you do when you have to host a party and no one else has a inclination of going meatless? Would it be appropriate to serve a all vegan meal during a party? Any thoughts?

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