Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today was one of those days when I've had just about up to my neck with dish washing and floor swiping. It's the package deal that comes with owing a house, there is the endless cleaning and organizing to the point that if I have to empty another load of dishwasher I could just throw up. I had to go to my old neighborhood today, which has become such a big deal now a days because of the distance, but it was really nice. I had a moment of realization that I had been missing everything about it, my gym that I used to go to that I could regularly chat up to a few regulars while I blow dry my hair, the coffee shop that I go to in the morning and the barista who knows me by my name, the sunlight that shone through the window at the end of my 6am yoga class, the trees on a particular street, buildings that I'm familiar with, the warm sun on my back, the fact that I know every single short cut to get home during rush hour... I guess you can say I feel a little home sick.

I made a point to sign up for a yoga house near my new place, and went back to my favorite yarn shop for some fresh inspiration. I guess when I needed a little pick me up, I should just get a little pick me up!

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