Sunday, August 7, 2011

We finally had a house warming party for our relatives while they were in town on Saturday. What's a really good way to get rid of stress? Apparently partying with your Polish and Italian side of the family, starting with the great grandmother! We partied all day from the morning and followed them back to their hotel and partied til mid night, I had to hide a glass of margarita in my bag to keep it from being stolen and that's a true story. Who would have thought that my husband had to be the one to peel me away from my in-laws, this is just not right!

We also went to the beach today. To plan for the beach and actually wear swimming suits and flip flops had never happened to us before, so this was a first.  I can't say how nice it was to just chill on the beach not having to think about anything at all.


And the last update: I bought a child bed at IKEA while shopping for book shelves. I could squeeze into it but it's for Kelly and Bobby. I also got the mattress, mattress cover, comforter, comforter cover with little cartoon prints and two pillows. They were so fantastic! I like it way better than regular dog bed because it elevates the bed from the floor so they are not sleeping on the cold hardwood floor, especially during the winter months when temperature drops! When I put Kelly and Bobby on the bed they stayed still for a few minutes and looked at me as if they were thinking, " I don't believe this is really happening to us." Well, neither did my husband, he couldn't believe that I bought a human child bed for the dogs, but he got used to it. This is the first "conversation piece" that I introduced into the house, it's definitely edgy and controversial, but it also cracks everybody up! Ah ha!

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