Friday, September 23, 2011


Last night I had a craving for sweets, particularly, pie. So I made a trip to my nearest chain supermarket and bought a whole lemon meringue pie. Before I even had a chance to taste it, I already knew it wouldn't be good, the inside looked plasticky and it smelt like high fructose corn syrup. I braved myself and had one bite and threw away the rest of slice on my plate. Disappointed and had no time for another trip, I settled for no desert. It is the one thing I couldn't turn up in my kitchen, I can fry, roast, poach, bake, steam just about any kind of common home made meal but I can't make a dessert. There were a lucky few times in the past when I got to eat homemade fresh pies( my mom don't make them, keep in mind pie is not really an Asian thing), and they were a different animal altogether. It was fresh, warm, delicious and in this time of year, full of autumnal charm.  It could be a project for the weekend to bake a pie of some sort, but for now I dug into my library and thought I'd share this great baking book with you. The Golden Book of Desserts is the most beautiful dessert book I've seen, not just because I'm partial to a golden cover on a dessert book, but all the finished dishes are beautifully presented, and there are a great varieties of desserts to choose from, it's definitely my inspiration of the day!

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