Thursday, September 8, 2011

A work in progress...


Once in a while I check out my local Salvation Army store to see what's "new." A couple of days ago I was in the shop and spotted this ginormous wrought iron bird cage. It was full of rust and kind of expensive for $30. I wondered out of the store with a $5 milk glass lamp that's in perfect condition, but somehow went back to it to have a second look. Just as I took out my cellphone to get ready for a picture, a man walked pass by me and said, "Don't take pictures, just TAKE IT." I have to say he startled me a little bit because I thought for a second there was no picture allowed in the shop. I asked "so you think this is a good buy?" He told me that a bird cage of this size would cost considerably more at a antique shop or a iron yard, plus it was all handmade and seems like from the 70s. As he was talking to me, another lady who had been listening to our conversation approached the bird cage and wanted to grab it if I didn't, so I was sold.

Now please don't ask me how I got this monster in and out of my car. This summer, my poor little four door sedan has been doing the job of a pick up truck, moving furniture, appliances, electronics, apple trees, plants, and now a old bird cage. I had been working on getting it cleaned with a rust remover today in near 100 degree heat, and then applied a layer of Rustoleum spray paint. It's a project that's so easy that even I could do it. Later I will have a picture for the finished product, but I think it's looking better already. I love love love vintage wrought iron furniture or decoration, it's kind of my thing, but truth be told, they are hard to find these days! This fits the bill perfectly, plus now I will have a story to go along with it!

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