Tuesday, October 18, 2011


      Alfie really loves to sit, he also loves to dig holes in the backyard.  He's not as athletic as Bobby, somehow it seems that his back legs don't coordinate too well but he loves to play tug of war just like Bobby.  I've got little holes here and there in the garden. The first night he got to my house, he stole Kelly's chew bone and dug a hole in the backyard and hid it. I think he is saving it for a "rainy day." I must admit, he's got far superior financial senses than a lot of humans. 

      When Bobby first died I went into a panic mode, and desperately sought for a similar dog on the internet.  I have to admit, it was quite hard to resist not to buy a puppy in the same breed that has so much resemblance to our beloved baby.  I putted down half of a deposit for a new puppy that looked like the baby version of Bobby from a out of state breeder, but after finding out that the puppy's tail was docked I changed my mind. Apparently there's a whole world out there that requires the puppies' tails to be docked, ears clipped, and de-clawed and it is all considered as "common practice."  It sort of reminded me of the common practice of women foot binding in ancient China. So strange what some consider to be beautiful and standard is so ugly and deeply disturbing to the rest of us. Now those good deposit money just went into thin air, instead of waiting for a new litter from the same breeder I decided that I was going to adopt one from the animal shelter after all.  It finally felt like the right thing to do. I just couldn't see any good sense in having a breeder "make" a new puppy while there are thousands of perfectly wholesome and good dogs out there desperately in need of a home.


           On a side note, I made omelets this morning using some of the left over meat from the weekend BBQ, I rarely make them, but this time it actually looked like a real omelet!


          Last week I finally made it out to Pottery Barn for a floor lamp. Shopping for household stuff is always a pain because it takes so much time and you have to drive out from place to place to shop around. It is almost never a good idea to order online unless you've seen it in person already. The lamp I originally wanted looked so good in pictures but not so much in the shop, so I got this one instead.

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