Friday, October 21, 2011

I've been so wrapped up in my own problems lately I neglected taking care of Kelly. Last night I noticed that one corner of her mouth became bald and badly inflamed and she kept rubbing it with her paws. I helped rescuing a little poodle dog two weeks ago who's got a highly contagious type of mange, so I was really afraid that perhaps she caught it through me. Today I immediate made a appointment with a local vet and since Alfie needed to remove stitches from neutering, I took him as well. It turned out to be just a skin infection for Kelly, we got medications for her and a health check up for Alfie.

No Kelly's picture today because the hair on the infected side of her face was shaved off. She looked like a chihuahua on the left and a Maltese on the right. The vet had grooming service, so I asked them to bath and groom Alfie, in the mean time while we wait for him to get ready, I took Kelly for some Chicken nugget shopping, and then walked around in my favorite nursery to look and "smell" the flowers. The great thing about dogs is that they are not self conscious about a bad hair cut, she had so much fun exploring the nursery. We checked out whichever plant she was interested and she helped me picked out plants for my very first fairy garden. I think she was proud like a little girl scout!

When I picked up Alfie from the vet after his hair cut, it almost gave me a heart attack how much he resembled Bobby... except that, Alfie has got such sentimental eyes. He is not the burst of energy like Bobby was, but he's got his quiet ways.


Tonight after dinner I started working on my fairy garden. I asked Alfie to stay with me in the backyard but he disappeared into the house. I thought he didn't want to stay with me at first, but a few seconds later he came back out with his chew bone. Ahh, I got it, he brought out his chew bone so he could have something to do while keeping me company. Alfie Alfie, you are much too sweet!

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