Friday, October 21, 2011


November was a movie I saw with a classmate back when I was a college student years ago at a independent theater in Pasadena. Back then seeing a late night movie after 10pm didn't seem as extraordinary as it does now.  I had only saw it once but it always had a place tugged at the back of my mind.

It is essentially a movie about the process of dying, if you've read books by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, it has a similar idea. I've become obsessed with the topic of death and dying lately. I wondered if there is really such a thing as religion and afterlife.

At times it feels almost inappropriate that a dog's passing caused me to do some serious soul searching while many significant family members of mine passing away didn't.  I don't think I've ever received so much sunshine and happiness from any human as Bobby did give me. He was unique in such a way that, in spite of me looking through every animal shelter in drivable distance, checking out every dog that had a slight resemblance to him, none could compare. The fact that he is gone left a gaping hole in my life that nothing else could fill. 

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