Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I finally spent some regular hours practicing last week and finished learning the second half of Islamey, this made me feel a little less guilty about fairy gardening since it is a completely frivolous hobby and I can't think of it benefiting anything or anyone but my own entertainment. I'm planning out a few new pieces to learn, one of which is the Prokofiev sonata and the other is the Shostakovitch prelude and fugue, I'm putting my focus on Russian music for the next few months. In my personal experience, nothing is more difficult to learn than the Beethoven sonatas. Somehow his composition is just too hard for me to grasp, everything else that I play seem to come through much easier... I hope I won't have to play another one anytime soon. Sometimes I ask myself what is the point of keep learning, but after all it is a lot of fun to explore new pieces.

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