Monday, January 9, 2012


The great thing about living in a relatively new neighborhood is that you have lots to discover. I've found another great breakfast restaurant near me today that has good food minus the pretentiousness and long wait time  that trendy restaurants have.  Weekend seems to fly by all too quickly. I planted two bare root Peace rose trees in containers for my front porch,  moved a few mini roses from containers to the ground, clipped off leaves with black spots, pulled weeds, applied some organic fertilizer... work in the garden is never done, but it was all great fun!

Over the last week I got a new pink bleeding heart, a gardenia, and a waxy bush type of plant called coprosma. Since our walnut tree collapsed, I bought walnuts from the supermarket to feed the squirrels that used to frequent our tree. I just left them in the bird feeder and they disappear after a few hours! So, it's pretty much looking like a abandoned land where the tree used to be, I'm redesigning the corner, and since I completely have no idea what I'm doing, I've been collecting ideas and frequenting local nurseries. Gardening has been the most satisfying hobby I've ever done!

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