During last Christmas my mother-in-law got me a fantastic gift, a full set of bonsai tools! I've since been playing with them here and there. I bought this dwarf pomegranate tree last year hoping that I could use it in one of my fairy gardens, but it never happened. My local nursery sold quite a nice selection of inexpensive but nice bonsai pots, the other day I picked one out and planted the tree in the bonsai pot. I didn't have the right kind of bonsai soil of course, so fingers crossed that my regular potting soil would work. My first impression was that the pot was a bit too big for the tree, second impression? Something is wrong with the shape of the tree but I don't know how to fix it. So far I am just going to let it grow and be happy with the fact that it's a healthy tree! Maybe one of these days I will attend a bonsai class and let the instructor figure out what can be changed!


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