Friday, March 16, 2012

The Secret Garden - Phase one

Well, as you can see, nothing much to show here. This is just a thin strip of land on the side of our house, enclosed by two wooden gates.  The previous owners simply used it to store junk and keep their dogs out of sight when they had guests over. As you can see, it's still a place where used water hose and ladders are stored. Last year when tragedy struck and Bobby died, we buried him under the large lemon tree instead of sending him to a pet cemetery so he could stay close by me, since then I've been wanting to make this place prettier as a nice resting place for my little dog. 

I'm also really taken with the idea of a secret garden, and in many senses, this little space can be sort of a secret garden, considering that it is very well concealed by two inconspicuous wooden gates. If you didn't know the house well, you'd never know that it's there.   I know that there's not much land, but I think back on my apartment living days and I used to think it would be so nice to have just a small balcony to store plants. So now that I live in a somewhat land constricted house, any space is good space.

So why is this called phase one? Because as bare and ugly as this space seems like right now, I've so far planted an apple tree, a plum tree, a small lime tree, and a purple wreath, which is a climbing plant that produces bountiful little purple flowers all summer long. I can use three words to describe these plants at the moment, they are thin, bare, and leggy.  Hopefully this year they will develop some strong roots and grow well.

So far my plan consist of adding one or two climbing roses, a cement garden bench, and maybe a small bird bath ... we'll see!

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