Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A new fairy garden of mine using a lavender star flower bonsai. I found this plant randomly at a nursery while searching for Hokkaido elm, while I didn't find Hokkaido elm, I found this bonsai with these delicate pink flowers. Lavender star flower will bloom all summer long, so it's the perfect choice as a fairy garden plant!

Here's a close look at the flowers, aren't they beautiful? The tree came already wired, the nursery owner told me to remove them in 6-9 months before the wire start to cut into the bark.

Last night I spent a good few hours freshening up my backyard fairy gardens. I never knew that fairy gardens take more maintenance than myself. The plants need to be regularly trimmed, watered, and fertilized or else they go wild. While I was cleaning up the backyard, moving pots and plants, watering the roses, I suddenly missed Bobby very much. He used to follow me everywhere in the backyard, especially at night when it gets all dark. Of course, he's never left my thoughts, and he's always in my heart!

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