Friday, April 20, 2012

Two totally awesome plants that are ready to go in a fairy garden pot. I really don't have the time to do fairy gardening these days, but whenever I happen upon a nice bonsai tree or plant, I can't pass it up. Pictured on the left is a young apple blossom azalea that produces wonderful little flowers in the spring. The second is a Cotoneaster bonsai, it's got a thick trunk and wonderful shape to it.

Today while I was visiting my local nursery ( sometimes I go just to enjoy the beautiful flowers) I found these two pink Serissa bonsai sitting on the shelf not too far apart from each other, like it's nobody's business. They are the only decent sized pink Serissa I could find so far, and I have been looking high and low for them for quite a while, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw them. They are going to sit in the little bonsai pot until I find them a home in the fairy world:)

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