Sunday, May 27, 2012

One thing checked off our list! My husband and I finally picked out our new sofa. We've been thinking of giving our piano room a more up to date look, plus we want more comfortable seatings than a skinny french settee... I'm still keeping it tough, because you never know when I will have a French piano room:) it will take 6 weeks to arrive, and I can't wait! We got ours at Crate and Barrel and it was so much fun to have my husband there with me trying to figure out the firmness, sizing and style. I tried several stores during our search and sat on every single one before we found the perfect fit. When we sat on this sofa, we didn't want to get up, it was not just for looks, but it's got firmness and have the perfect back support... And would you listen to me, since when did functionality become a part of my furniture shopping priority? I must be growing up!

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