Saturday, June 9, 2012

What seem like an unappetizing mush is actually apple of the eye for my dogs. The past two months I practically cooked no food for human or dogs. Even Kelly started eating kibble, and a new dog like Uggie simply had no idea what real home cooked food taste like. I feel so behind on a lot of chores but today I decided to pull myself together and start cooking for my doggies again.

One of the easiest thing I make for them is shredded chicken meat boiling with brown rice, green peas, carrots, potatoes, celery, until the juice run out. I give them a big spoonful in each bowl, chill until the temperature cools down a bit, and then serve! It makes me feel so good to know they are eating healthy food instead of packaged kibble!

I try to feed them at the same time as my husband and I are having dinner so they don't hover over our food, but sometimes I like to watch them eat food, after all, it was hard work to cook for two human and three dogs, I'd like to see it being eaten. After dinner Uggie immediately came over to me and gave me a lick on my leg as a thank you note, dogs are the best!

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