Wednesday, July 11, 2012

About Uggie... I was on a trip to San Francisco for a few days, since I could only find a place for two dogs, I arranged doggy boarding hotel for Uggie. It was no easy task. I went to the facility once I found a good place to check it out. They needed all kinds of up to date paper work, it took me a few days to get it ready for him running back and forth to the vet. Once I had the paperwork I had to take him for a trial period to make sure he did ok with the other dogs and he knew what was going on. After the trial period he was ready to board.

I prepared food for him the morning he went to the doggy hotel and left feeding instructions for the workers there, but still I was pretty worried when I left him. This afternoon I finally got him back from the doggy boarding facility. He seemed very tired and mellow today.  I hope he knew this whole time that he was only there for a few days and I didn't just leave him there forever. Wouldn't it be great if you could communicate to pets like that?

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