Friday, September 28, 2012

While I was in Paris, I stumbled upon this quint little shop with custom jewelry. They sell jewelry handmade in Paris using Swarovski crystals. The shop assistant was very helpful, telling me which stone was my color, how to pin the brooch, how to choose long lasting jewelry, and showed me a little secret to wear the brooch without wrinkling and weighting down delicate fabric... the way to do it is by placing a small piece of round cotton pad behind the fabric and pin it together with the clothes.  How smart! It was really a lot of fun and all I could do was trying to remember the fashion gospel as best as I could.

I can see how it is easy to be fashionable in a city like Paris, where there are every kind of clothing boutique imaginable all the while there are so many impeccably dressed Parisians strolling the sidewalk. One morning, my husband and I had breakfast in a restaurant near us, sitting next us were two Parisian elderly ladies. They both wore cashmere sweater in beautiful color, slacks, accentuated by scarfs tied just right. It was elegant yet chic, something hard to describe in words.

When I came back home I was very much interested in revamping my wardrobe, I decided that I want to be chic and toss out all my old clothes. However, the second I slipped on my flip flops and put on my gardening gloves, the thought of fashion flew out the window, I went back to my unfashionable old self, and back to my gardener's clothes. Maybe next time I should stay in Paris longer and revamp my wardrobe there? Maybe maybe...

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