Friday, October 12, 2012

I finally got around to post some of our Santorini pictures after we've been back for three weeks!

 We arrived at the Santorini airport very early in the morning after having to stop at Athens airport. When the hotel personnel picked us up, I could just vaguely see the ocean wave gently patting the shore from far away. It was still dark outside and on our way to the hotel we could only see bakeries with workers inside, the town was still asleep. The driver dropped us off at a rather sleepy little town, I saw short houses and narrow, crooked streets, and having never been to Santorini before, I didn't quite know what to expect. Once we started decent from the hotel entrance door down the little pathway, this view started to reveal itself, and I thought it was quite breath taking.


During our stay at Santorini, we had the best food out of all three cities that we visited. Walked many narrow and steep mountain roads, got quite a lot of good work out from it, and enjoyed the view. The sky was never clearer, the ocean was never bluer, you can say that it was a world outside the real world!

In the morning we slept in, breakfast with pastry, coffee and orange juice was delivered around 9 am. At first we ate whatever was brought to us, but then we realized that we could order Greek yogurt with fruit, so we had that and it was delicious! Having our breakfast and coffee on our patio looking out the ocean was quite a pick upper first thing in the morning!


We saw lots of pets just hanging out on their own in Santorini. It seems that they were all pretty used to seeing the tourists, and they never even budged when I took their pictures. The little brown dog on the last picture belonged to a girl who worked at the restaurant we dined at. On our first day I gave him a piece of fresh catch of the day fish, but he refused! After I asked the waiter why, he said the little dog didn't like fish, he ate mostly meat, and only fish when he was very hungry! Being the dog lover that I am, I ordered meat at the second meal, and he got some!


When we started our European trip, I was very grumpy whenever we had to walk, but by the time we got to Santorini, I had gotten used to it, and loved walking everywhere! I'd insist on walking to places even when my husband thought it was a good idea to take a bus! It was quite an experience to walk under the warm Mediterranean sun, with ancient stone path under our feet.  The next town was about 30 minutes away, we did some sight seeing on foot while popping in and out of little shops along the way. Mostly, we were just so impressed with the beauty of this little island, and tried to enjoy every minute of it as much as we could!   


Almost every evening, I'd jump into the hot tub on our private patio with some local wine in hand and watch the sun set.  One thing is for certain, you cannot beat the sunset in Santorini, it was the most beatufiul sunset I've ever seen!

Usually, after the sunset my husband and I got dressed and walked out in search of a great restaurant. It didn't take long to find one tucked away in some little corner. If we heard wine glasses clinking and people's laughters, we knew good food was near by! There were many such little restaurants with great ambience, food, and the breathtaking ocean view on the side.


The dish on the last picture was called fava. It was grown on the island, and prepared with some kind of fusion twist. We enjoyed every bite of it because it was so delicious and the taste was something I've never quite experienced before!


It usually was already pitch dark when we finished our dinner. On our way back to the hotel we must be very careful walking on those bumpy roads, but on a lucky day the moon would be out, reflecting beautiful silvery lights on the ocean, and needless to say it was very romantic!  

The days quickly passed, and soon it was time to say good bye! I left the island loving it whole heartedly, and hope that we will come back there again soon someday. This European trip was really my first trip traveling for an extended period of time, and it had opened my eyes and filled me in ways I never imagined before.  If one thing I learned, would be that I love traveling and seeing the world, and I want to make an effort to do more of it from now on!

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