Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'm learning how to do make-up. Yes I'm a super late bloomer, I was never interested in putting on make up or skin care, and up til lately my beauty routine was pretty much the same as my husband's, which involves washing my face with regular soap, but that was it! Lately, I discovered that a little eye liner and lipstick can go a long way. This new interest inspired me to check out some tutorials on youtube(thank God for youtube!), and it answered so many questions where I used to be completely puzzled before. It also sort of opened a big can of worm, all of a sudden I was completely razzle-dazzled by things I never knew existed but now I can't live without!

Yesterday I purchased a full set of make up brushes from Sephora and some eye shadows. This morning I opened the box brimming with excitement thinking that I was going to paint my very first grand master piece, but my excitement was immediately followed by confusion. Which one of these brush is for the eye? The lip? The cheek? Luckily I still kept the box, and it had some instructions on it to save the day!

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