Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ever since my hubby and I moved in together ( we did not live in "sin" for very long as we got engaged and married pretty much in a snap, lol) and I brought my dogs along with me, my husband has been a saint training them. He has a talent understanding animals. Even though he claimed that he's not a dog person, he somehow understands their emotions and trains dogs way better than I do. I could never get Kelly and Bobby house broken, but my husband trained all of our dogs and the result was pretty impressive.  From what I can see, it takes consistency. He usually takes them out first thing in the morning and right before going to sleep. Walking them during the day also is a major part of it. The only down side now? Kelly has gotten so lazy, that if she needed to go potty, she won't go unless somebody carries her to her spot! So here they are on their nightly ritual, the white horse and the white princess, going to potty:)

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