Monday, February 25, 2013


I admit, I have my honey boo boo moments sometimes. Today I'm treating my doggies to some fast food chicken nuggets. Mama had one piece herself. This stuff taste like rubber and felt like it could clog all your arteries in one go, but what the heck:)

A few days ago we had an episode of my doggies escaping from the backyard.  Between the gardeners and the plumbers that came rushing to my house at once, somebody somehow left one backyard door wide open. I let my doggies to the backyard to play after everybody had left, and three minutes later I started wondering why everyone was so quiet.  When I finally realized that one of the backyard door was open, I ran out bare foot to find my dogs. Luckily they didn't wonder far, a pair of black dogs were found sniffling our next door neighbor's tree, and Kelly was just sun bathing on my back porch. 

Today I finally got my acts together and made name tags for them.  I bought matching colored harness and they looked cute wearing them. The whole deal was pretty fun!


 I think I might have a case of the "spring fever." I can't stop messing around in my fairy gardens lately.

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