Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I love to add miniature LED lights to fairy gardens, except the last one I got has bright harsh white lights. I used a few different color nail polish to paint a light coat over the lights, and viola!


The picture doesn't do the lights justice. It's actually very colorful, kind of like the multicolored Christmas lights, except in miniature size!


The theme is suppose to be a tree man reading a fairy tale to a little girl. It was in a different fairy garden, but a while ago when our chimney had smouldering fire, the fireman accidentally knocked over this tree man and broke off one of his little branches. The fairy garden has since died, and I wanted to moved the little girl to a different fairy garden and put the tree man in the garage, but he seemed very sad without the little girl listening to his stories! So I decided to glue his branch back on and put him in another place. Now he's back into the fairy world, I think he should be happy again.

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