Saturday, February 16, 2013

 The termite people finally removed the circus tent this morning and we got our house back! I immediately gave all my plants a good watering and moved the fairy gardens back in place. After two days of living in a dungeon hotel, it was nice to finally be able to breath the fresh air again and be surrounded by trees and flowers.  A lot of things that I got so used to seeing everyday, my fairy gardens, lavender bushes, trees, humming birds, and the fresh smell of rosemary, now I feel so lucky to be able to live among them again!

My doggies seemed very tired! I gave them a bath and fed them some food, since then they've been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping...
I have to say, we are pretty lucky to have a sizable back yard for our doggies to sun bath and run around. I never had a dog back in my studio apartment days, but I can imagine how that could be pretty hard for dogs!

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