Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Fie Fie did not get better today, as soon as the vet opened in the morning, I made an appointment to bring him in. We saw the vet at 12pm. They suggest I leave him there for a day for IV fluids and some other medication. They also ran a few tests to see if everything is normal. The X ray says he didn't inject anything he shouldn't, but we are still waiting to see the blood test results. In the mean while he's being hydrated because anything he eats or drinks right now just goes right back up. At least that's what I could describe to the best of my English abilities.

It has been a very stressful day because I don't like it when my pet gets sick and I can't pin my fingers on what exactly is wrong. Somehow I always run into some person or another that's crying at the lobby of the pet hospital. While a middle aged man was chatting with me saying that if his dog dies, it would kill him, the loud speaker was playing Wagner's Tristan und Isolde, as if being at the vet wasn't stressful enough, they had to play an opera in which the main characters kill themselves at the end.

It was a day that I walked in the vet office with Fie Fie and came out empty handed with nothing but a collar and leash. Other than that, it's just another one of my normal days. Without one of my pup, I realize that I kind of depend on them to keep me occupied during the day. I stay home alone and when I work, I work alone. Sometimes the whole day goes by without me saying much of anything simply because there was no one there, and today this lonely existence suddenly seemed more intolerable than usual, mixing in with my anxiety of worrying about Fie Fie, it suddenly felt like I was trapped in a very lonely city life. 

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