Monday, March 11, 2013

Other than two pretty Hawaiian dresses, I brought back home with me other little treasures from Hawaii.

You can find plumeria flower hair pins and earrings very reasonably priced at pretty much every touristy shops in Hawaii.  I really love them, only wish I had a ton more!  The deep green glass pendant was a find at a flea market. Some local resident there make these himself! The green seashell bracelet was found at a booth in Kona after my husband and I had a couple of cocktails at Don the Beach Comber. The little rice pearl bracelet costed me $3. The green earring with butterflies was from a coffee plantation. The mother of the owner made them and sold them at the gift shop along with local coffee.  I can't bring back the Hawaiian sunset and the ocean wave, but these little pieces of treasures will stay with me along with my memories:)

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