Wednesday, March 6, 2013


When we first arrived in Hawaii last week, it seemed that there was not much going on except this single mountain road that never seem to end. After a few times up and down the highway, our eyes were slowly getting used to the dense vegetation and started to notice things. There were plenty of things to do and places to go, the key was to spot that little sign and that narrow road leading you up to them. Everyday we drove on Mamalahoa highway, I always saw this little black dog playing in the front yard of this house. There were lush trees surrounding it, and the owner apparently love the little puppy very much. They built a dog house, and a doggy sized "porch" for him to chill with many food bowls laying around. Some times I caught him jumping around, other times he was just laying on his "porch"resting. It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen!

Whenever I got a chance, I talked to the locals. It seemed that most people who moved here bought themselves a one way ticket and never looked back. I can see why! If I were surrounded by lush trees and the ocean, I'd be a happier person too!  I'm savoring my last days here at the big island. At night I don't want to sleep because the time here is precious! When I get back home, it will be a while until I could enjoy the beautiful sunset and sound of ocean wave at night again!

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