Sunday, March 31, 2013

 Guess which city I was at during the last week? By looking at the Subaru outback I think you can pretty much guess that I was in Portland. I have no idea what was up with that, but while I was there, it seemed that everyone drove a Subaru outback.  I admit that it's a good looking car, maybe one day I will move to Portland, live in a apartment and drive a Subaru outback!

This was my first trip to Portland. I've heard so much good things about the city, and I have to say that it really doesn't disappoint.

We got quite a lot out of the trip even though my husband and I both had to do some work while we were there. We visited the Chinese garden in China town, attended the wine and beer festival, saw a Jazz performance, and checked out some great restaurants and coffee shops. Perhaps more on that on a follow up post!

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