My more enjoyable food post would have to wait for another day or two. In the mean time I am still trying to catch up with errands that piled up while I was gone. This morning I left the house at 9 am ready to work my way down the to do list, unfortunately right after I came out of the bank my car stalled. And since I was an idiot and didn't bother to bring my phone with me when I left, I had to run into the bank to call for help.  The first road side assistance came 50 minutes after I called and couldn't fix the problem, so I had to call again to get the car towed. It was just unreal to start my day like any good old regular day and having ended up getting stuck with some car problem for the rest of day. Finally after much waiting it was towed to my dealership. After a lot more waiting around, I finally got the car problem taken care of, had the shuttle dropped me off back at home and ready to take out my van from the garage, and then realized that I had left the key in my car back at the dealer.

It was just one of those days where I guess I kind of woke up on the wrong side of bed, luckily my neighbor lend me a much needed helping hand, took me back to the dealer to retrive my key and helped me to pick up my doggies from boarding.

I cooked a roast dinner at night and we all had some wine together to laugh it off,  it was a nice break from the terribly hectic day. At this point I'm ready to sell my car, it always seemed so hard to part with it but when it's starting to break down so often and becoming so costly to fix, it gets more difficult to justify keeping it.  What's going to happen next? We shall see... 


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