Spring has arrived at last for the O.C., if not other parts of the country. I have been sick for the past week which explains my lack of posts.

I had to sell my baby car last week because at this point it made little economic sense to keeping it. I was very sad to let it go. I've had this car for the past five years and there were so much memory attached to it. The first day when I bought it, after haggling long and hard with the dealer about price, they freshly washed the car and parked it right at the store front ready for me to pick it up. It was spanking new then and was my dream car.  Or the day I went to the animal shelter to pick up Bobby with all of his new stuff that I just bought for him. I set him on the passenger seat on his new doggy bed, he was so uncertain what was going to happen to him, but excited at the same time that he was out of the damn shelter. Little pieces of  memory like that went with my car when I sold it. Of course I almost started crying when the mechanic drove it away.

I kept telling myself that you can't hold onto things too much, life is all about moving forward.  I have no complaint on my new car, but to be honest, I will probably want to get another BMW in a few years.


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