There are certain experiences in life I actively seek out, taking a train ride, getting on and off from very old stations belong to one of those experiences.

Over the weekend my hubby and I took a short trip to San Diego.  This was non work related, friends free trip that's just for the two of us. We were there to relax, and stayed at the wonderful, historical Grant hotel. 

Besides the service being amazing,  (we were there for two breakfasts in a row, and on the second day the waiter recalled our last orders and called us out by our last names. ) they also serve the most divine in house pastries. I will say these were better than the ones I had in Paris, if that should mean anything at all.

 We spent most of the day visiting the zoo. I have no pictures but it really brought back memories of childhood because, the last time I was in a zoo was when I was 5 maybe? We saw all kinds of bugs and monkeys and lizards, I was super giddy and happy. Now, if only I could have a hippo in my backyard, my life would be perfect!

I purposely chose to see a baseball game instead of a Brahms concert for the evening because I was determined to learn to watch sports. We got wonderful seats, kind of a waste for a sport idiot like me, but my hubby was patient to explain the rules of the game to let me in on what's going on.

At night we wrapped up the evening with a juicy burger on our way back to the hotel, and headed home the next day.  It was such a refreshing weekend, hopefully we will go on more short and sweet little trips like this in the future!


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